January 10th, 2007


Lipstick Homicide!


Lipstick Homicide Live! They're an all-girl punk band who are all still in high school. Well they were all-girl but tonight they had a boy on drums. They're playing loads of shows locally because all the local bands in town love them so much and ask them to open for them.

This is another Zoom H4 recording -- no post-processing. At the Mill only drums and vocals are mic'ed, so I set up just to the side of the stage, in order to pick up some of the PA along with the stage sound.

It's hard to say what will happen career-wise with these kids, but having seen them a few times, I think they could really blow up with the right management and a little luck.

Punk rock is evergreen. The formula was fully formed 30 years ago, and when it's done right, it's still an absolute blast. Of course, when your mom is your manager you can't really claim to be raging against the machine, but in the beginning with the Ramones, it was all about stupid, uncomplicated fun. Lipstick Homicide are way fun.