February 15th, 2007


I'm so wasted, man...

Obama apologizes for saying Iraq war casualties were 'wasted.'

Now of course, if a guy dies in combat, there's a certain nobility in the act. He put himself in harm's way for his country, and paid the ultimate price. To belittle that sacrifice would be wrong.

But that's not what Obama did -- he just said that those deaths were wasted. They were -- they served no useful purpose, and they shouldn't have happened. The fact is, everyone who died in the Iraq war, every dollar spent, or stolen, every piece of equipment blown up, has been a waste. All that incredibly selfless sacrifice by the soldiers in the field? Wasted. The war was a mistake, it has served no useful purpose, it has harmed our county in long-lasting ways, it has made us less secure.

But maybe 'waste' is the wrong word. Like if you chop too many onions for a recipe, and just put the extra down the disposal, that's a waste. The Iraq war is more like you buy a ten pound sack of onions, and stand at the sink with a wooden spoon and force the onions down the drain whole, one at a time, thinking somehow you're making your kitchen safe for onions.

The Iraq war is beyond being a waste -- it's the expression of a deep pathology in our government. It is a willingness to squander vast resources, human and material, on a project that from the beginning, everyone should have known was going to end badly.

I knew it was a mistake, the millions of people who demonstrated against the war before the invasion knew it was a mistake, and we're just schmucks who read the papers. Bush and Cheney had all the resources of the US Government at their disposal, and they should have known it was a stupid idea. Yet they went ahead.

It isn't simply a waste. It is a completely fucking mental clusterfuck. It is a criminal act.