February 24th, 2007


Those Kiwis love them some Hell.

Hell Pizza, a chain in New Zealand is in trouble for advertising with this billboard:

But I think it's pretty funny. And the Pizza sounds pretty good too, though I wouldn't fly to NZ just for a pizza. COME FOR THE FJORDS, STAY FOR THE PIZZA.

I normally hate Flash websites, but the Hell Pizza site is worth looking at because it's really well designed and atrractive. I want little devils walking around at the bottom of my website too! The Pizzas are named for the seven deadly sins, plus 'Morder,' 'Nemesis,' etc. Cute. Someone could license the name and image from them and do well here.


I just dropped Lucas off at a friend's house, and it's snowing nearly to the point of white out. I was going to go to a movie and the Mall had no power. It was raining and freezing all day, so trees and limbs are down in the street all over town. No one is out driving. Woo hoo!