March 5th, 2007


She whose name shall not be mentioned...

I have avoided saying anything about a certain blond conservative newspaper columnist for quite some time, because she doesn't have any credibility with anyone who matters. Anyone who take hers seriously doesn't deserve to be taken seriously. She's a sideshow act. A scarecrow. A cartoon. The fact that CPAC keeps asking her to speak at their conventions is just a 100-point headline that shouts "WE'RE MORONS."

The furor about her calling John Edwards a 'faggot' seems to be way over the top. It basically doesn't compute. Is she implying he's gay? In this day and age, is that even an insult? What about being gay, even in the ways the hateful stereotype the term 'faggot' implies, has anything to do with John Edwards' personal character or political positions?

She apparently didn't even think the joke through to the point where it was even remotely relevant. And it went over like a lead balloon with her audience at CPAC, which means that, though misguided, the people at that convention have some shreds of decency left. The comment just makes her look like the addled ninnie she is.

Here's what I think: Ignore the sideshows. There's a lot of really serious things going on right now that merit way more attention.

Let me go a step further: People need to STFU about the 2008 election, for the same reason. Every minute of TV news time devoted to the race now is time that could be better spent talking about what's actually happening NOW in the world. Everything said and done now isgoing to be completely irrelevant by the time the whole debacle actually begins in 2008.