March 12th, 2007


The sharp knives come out.

When I was an undergraduate in English, and was avoiding reading Icelandic Sagas one term, I spent an afternoon upstairs at the University Library browsing through the bound archives of Time Magazine. What I soon realized is that Time is, and always has been, the worst news magazine in the United States. Again and again, Time presents a journalistic hit job that masquerades as straight news.

The latest target of opportunity is Dick Cheney. I hate that murderous old fuckwit as much as the next guy but this Time article illustrates everything that's wrong with the magazine:

Time Magazine shivs Cheney

"At times he simply departs the room, not physically but mentally, says a family friend who has also worked for him. He loses himself in thought or a book or whatever he's doing and can't be raised or roused. When that happens, his daughters have a nickname for him: the Bull Walrus. And so they will wave their hands and affectionately call out their pet name for their dad — "Hey! Bull Walrus!" — as if he were sleeping on a big rock near the Arctic Sea. And then he'll come to."

Whether or not this biographical detail is true or not, is beside the point. Time is doing a hit job on the man and using irrelevant personal detail to twist the knife in.

The article you'll never see in Time Magazine: "Asleep at the Switch: How TIME Magazine Was So Busy Sucking Cheney's Dick That It Didn't Call Bullshit On The Iraq War Until It Was Way Too Late."