March 13th, 2007


Live if you want it

My good friend and current favorite songwriter Ed Gray played his 2 month tour kick-off show Saturday Night. He was performing with Sam Locke-Ward (Miracles of God) on slide & keyboards, Grace Locke-Ward drums and Chris Ford(Think that's his name? Bass) (Petit Mal.

Performing also were Stefanie Drootin, Belfrie and Kaspar Hauser.

This was something of a family affair -- Stefanie Drootin and Tiffany Kowalski are members of Bright Eyes, with whom Ed toured years ago. Kaspar Hauser was started by a former Iowa Citian.

I recorded everyone's set, using a stereo microphone plus a stereo pair from the PA. These are some of my best live recordings yet. Not only do you get more of the loud instruments (bass & guitar) from the microphones, you get more clarity on the drums and vocals from the board, plus some of the room sound. I have to haul out a laptop and my multiface, but for important live recording the results make it worth it.

The best set imho is Ed Gray's. Not the tightest, but Ed is a performer who values intensity over precision. It's very loud, and a little chaotic at times, but if you can imagine it, for those of us who were there it was even crazier. During the feedback freakout near the end, Sam broke the chair he'd been sitting on to play lap steel, and then busted it up into pieces and threw it into the audience.
Ed Gray!