April 18th, 2007


We're all Hokies?

I really liked Nikki Giovanni's speech/poem yesterday. A guy I knew, the father of a boy in my son Sean's class, was killed in 1991 by Gang Lu in a similar incident.

I don't in general, favor super-strict gun control. I live in a rural state surrounded by armed people and feel perfectly safe. I also know that laws only matter so far -- anyone who really wants a gun would be able to get one, even if it was completely illegal.

But I also think the NRA is nuts. Their opposition to any control of guns, especially hand guns is indefensible. They aren't just protecting your right to protect yourself, or go hunting. They're protecting your right to go nuts and massacre a bunch of people.

Oh, and I know how many people died at VT. I know that the kid's roomates thought he was creepy. But I don't really know how many people died in Iraq in the past 2 days. Bet it was a lot more than 32.