April 29th, 2007



I'm reading this book Blindsight by Peter Watts, which is a First Contact Sci Fi Novel. It takes its name from a syndrome seen in some people who are blind, but deny that they are blind. They walk into walls and furniture, and invent reasons for their clumsiness. They describe things they're seeing with complete conviction, that don't exist. They are unable, sometimes for months, sometimes for as long as a year, to believe they're blind.

Then this morning, I watched Condoleeza Rice on George Stephenopolous' and realized what the Bush Administration believes with absolute certainty about Iraq is just that -- blindsightedness. Rice and her boss and their minions can't see what is happening, and go on creating a reality in front of their eyes completely at odds with the actual reality of the situation. To paraphrase Mark Twain, there's no difference between the blind, and those that refuse to see.