April 30th, 2007


Michael Bell freaks out about Iraq Reconstruction


I heard this while I was walking the dogs tonight. Michael Bell was the Chair of the International Reconstruction Fund Facility For Iraq (IRFFI) Donor Committee "The IRFFI, established at the Madrid Conference in October 2003, is an umbrella mechanism which consists of two trust funds managed respectively by the UN and the World Bank."

You need RealPlayer to hear that broadcast -- yeah I know it sucks, but -- you can skip in 90 seconds, and I'll synopsize: Iraq Reconstruction is completely, totally screwed. And even then I can't begin to convey how discouraged he sounded.

This is one of those things that should be at least below the fold in the New York Times, but not only had I never heard of Michael Bell, I'd never heard of IRFFI, even though Bell and IRFFI were right in the middle of the Iraq Reconstruction.