May 6th, 2007


More Live recordings

Amorphos is Ed ... don't know his last name right now, his wife (forget her name too) and Hagen of Coyote Blood. Ed was playing accordian and singing, Hagen played a strap-on drum kit and hummed, and Ed's wife played violin. This happened in an Iowa City basement last night.

Ed is a big player in the Iowa City free improv scene, who used to do frequent house shows, sometimes with internationally known players from that scene. He stopped doing this about a year ago, for a variety of reasons, but he put together Amorphos with Hagen & his wife as an answer/reaction to the 'hard core' ethos of local rock bands. The idea, from what I gathered was to show that intensity isn't a matter of amplification.

I don't know how the recording will compare to being packed in a basement 5 feet away from the people making this sound, but the primal rawness of the performance should come through just fine.

It starts out very quietly and then becomes very loud about 30 seconds in, so don't jack up the volume or you'll be knocked flat.