July 6th, 2007


NYT Editorial Page Sucks A Nut

I'm sure that I'll get comments along the lines of 'DUH?' for this but ...

The NYT Editorial page, with the exception of Thomas Friedman, is getting worse. Starting with David Broder's clueless column defending the Libby pardon, to Maureen Dowd's unfunny jokey column about Hillary and Bill, to the subtle character assination by faint praise they've been visiting on Obama ... I suppose there are opinion pages left that have columnist who aren't complete ninnies, but sadly, not the New York Times.

Do they even READ those columns before they publish them? They seem to have come up with the perfect losing formula -- witlessly liberal enough to justify the Limbaughs of the world, yet subtly reactionary enough to undermine progressive ideas. Fucking fuckos need to step the fuck off.