July 7th, 2007


Malawi Radio

The live feed seemed broken, but you can listen to several programs from Kwacha FM Malawi;


Including -- inexplicably -- an American DJ playing reggae.

The reason I was looking around for Malawi stuff is that a friend's daughter is currently in the Peace Corps in Malawi and Melissa has been giving some money to pay for school tuitions of a Malawi girl. The friend (Mary) and her husband (Peter) visited their daughter (Catherine) in Malawi, and the village where Catherine worked put on a feast for them -- set them up in special chairs as a place of honor, slaughtered a goat, etc.

Malawi sounds very poor, but kind of awesome nonetheless.

Living the Surreal Life

I am not making this up.

The local NPR affiliate, WSUI AM has what they call a 'day sponsorship.' You give them $365 and one day out of the year, an announcement of your choice will be read several times during a particular day.

Yesterdays's announcement was in honor of the marriage of two women -- this is Iowa City, Gay Capitol of Iowa, innit?
All well and good. But the last name of one of the two brides, as read over the air by increasingly incredulous announcers, is something like 'Bauschlicher,' or 'Buschlichter' which they invariably pronounce 'Bushlicker.'

Was this someone's prank, or is there really a household with two moms, one of them named Bushlicker? Who knows. I do know -- from working at the Alumni association, that Iowa has graduated dentists named Toothacre, and orthopedic surgeons named Bonebraker, so it may well be on the level.