July 25th, 2007


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"There's a good reason they're called 'Al Qaeda in Iraq.' They're Al Qaeda ... in Iraq!"

Anyone else notice the drumbeat of unsubstantiated Terrorism paranoia in the news? Does the Bush Administration think that bullshit will pull their nuts out of the fire this time?

This on top of the Attorney General of the United States telling bald-faced lies under oath to Congress?

To paraphrase Joseph N. Welch those guys, at long last, have left no sense of decency.

techno net labels

There's been a lot of talk about the 'death of electronic music' -- more in the US, where it never really emerged from its shadowy half-life.

My friend Kirk who has The Record Collector has dropped stocking electronic music on vinyl altogether, because no one buys it any more. Part of the problem is that he lost his last enthusiastic buyer last year, but it's part of the larger phenomenon of Everything Going Digital.

And there's a weird, bubbling underground of folks that are eating away at the whole idea of paying for music, but not in as in pirating. Net Labels release tracks under Creative Commons, meaning you can do what you want with the tracks -- share, remix, paid DJ gigs, etc -- as long as you don't use them in a commercial way -- soundtracks, commercials, commercial mix cds, vinyl releases.

I was on an internet poke-around and started finding all sorts of stuff that I liked, so I started TrailFire Trail to keep track of the stuff I was finding. The problem I have isn't that there isn't anything good out there, it's that there's too much good. I generally don't decide something is awesome until I've heard it a bunch of times, and there aren't enough hours in the day to listen to all the music being made, much less listen to it repeatedly. It gives me a 'lost in the funhouse' feeling after a while. There was a time when i really 'kept up' with electronic music, and music in general, and it's really no longer possible.

Don't know about Trailfire? It's the startup where optic is working. I wasn't clear on what it was good for, but I have caught the fever lately. At it's root, it's a way to collect bookmarks, but it lets you organize them in 'trails' -- named lists. I use it a lot at work now for collecting the dozen bookmarks into documentation I need when I'm working on a programming job.