August 19th, 2007


intense weekend.

1. We moved ramunedrinkage (i.e. my son lucas) into his dorm at Earlham. Melissa and I reacted characteristically: I was kind of weirded out, she was teary. We now officially have an empty nest. We're proud of him, and think he'll do well, and we feel really positive about Earlham as a school, but it's a big change.

2. The little girl across the street, Cassidy Flowers, died in a traffic accident. Her dad was driving, and is severely injured. As the paper felt obligated to point out, they were both wearing seat belts. I didn't know any of the family except to nod and say hi, but she seemed to be an awesomely sweet little girl, and everyone on the block is really sad about it.

A wonderful picture of Cassidy. She usually wore glasses, and had the huge nimbus of brown hair flying around when she was playing on the block. Even though I didn't know her, I'll miss her.

A Stab From The Past

MC Panic Live 'Weed In My Chest'

This is a live recording I thought had disappeared forever, but I found it on one of a stack of old IDE drives I'm trying to work through and recover anything useful off of...

This became a running joke over the past 7 years amongst my friends, and it got lost 2 websites ago ... now back again for your lyrical amusement.