September 9th, 2007



One of those days. My main desktop machine -- the one with 5 hard drives, and all my hardcore software on it -- woke up dead.

Well, I've had trouble with it on and off for a good while, so first, I moved all the parts to another machine that I have that's got a similar motherboard. Everything worked again! Hey!
Then, I tried pulling the RAM from the dead machine, since I could then have 1.5 gig of ram. Things got bad real fast! Oh! the RAM is bad.

Long story short, I moved everything BACK into my studio machine, including the RAM from the backup box. So I'm back in action with my original setup.

Which just goes to show, I guess, that RAM can pass the startup scan and still ruin your day.

But I still have the old machine, only now without ram. Anyone have a gig of spare 184 pin DDR simms they want to give up cheap?