September 10th, 2007


Your tax dollars at work.

I know a man who ... works for the federal government. He forwarded me an e-mail from someone who works with Guantanamo inmates. My friend's e-mail started out by saying 'I didn't send you this.' Here's the e-mail, slightly redacted:

"We received great news this morning that Mr. XXXX, our eccentric Saudi client, was repatriated. We have feelers out to try to get news of his whereabouts and well being. As far as we can tell right now, we think he is in Riyadh in (hopefully) temporary detention.

In any case, this is really fabulous news. We have spent many days with Mr. XXXX, who is a fascinating man. He has been held since February, 2002, with no charges, after having been "liberated" from the Taliban prison. He was imprisoned by the Taliban, who thought he was a spy for the Americans, because he had fought with Masood (and Osama) against the Russians in the 1980's. The Americans didn't know what do do with him so they sent him to Gitmo, to be held indefinitely with no charges.

Truly an outrage. Hopefully, he will find some peace with his family and can once again cook his beloved spicy dishes that he told us so much about."