November 14th, 2007



In Berlin. On the weekend, Sean and I went to Dresden, which was a beautiful old city, even if they reconstructed most of it. The museum in the palace there is awesome, and I wish I'd been there when I wasn't so jetlagged. Loads of 17th century dutch works I'd never seen, and a large number of Rubens, more than I've seen in one place outside the Louvre.

I had my first lost in a foreign city experience last night and missed most of Apparat at the Magnet Club. I went several stops too far, and was trying to find it on foot by looking at street numbers, but I was no longer on the same street, etc etc. Got to the show 90 minutes late for the last 3 songs. 2 Euro cover so not so bad. Magnet is a grotty rock club, and I found the venue very annoying, but then any rock club not on my home turf seems annoying.

Plus Germans WHO ROCK do it with a cartoonish exaggeration of the American version. I can barely abide American rock people, so I left before Sun Electric came on -- sleep sounded better.

In terms of sightseeing, I spent most of the day yesterday popping on and off the U Bahn random places and seeing what I could see. Berlin is a huge place, and full of a crazy mix of old and new architecture. It's also still rather underpopulated compared to e.g. London or New York, so you can walk around and feel completely alone.

I've been taking some photos but also recording audio ambiences. I don't know if I will be able to do anything useful with them, but it really changes how you 'see' a location -- I think about what I can hear as much as what I can see. I went to Hardwax last night, which is hidden in a courtyard of a building along a canal/riverlet/whatever. I got the 5 PM church bells echoing, some muted techno from Hardwax on the fourth floor, and a guy working in a machine shop with a grinder all mixed together.