November 27th, 2007


Alright then

In a bizarre turn of events, triggered no doubt by falling asleep at 9 PM whilst reading, I woke up like a shot a little before 5AM today, from a dream about a really awesome PDA that (in the dream) I'd been fiddling with in all sorts of really fun ways.

Not being able to go back to sleep I went to the computer and looked at PDAs. No, still not time to get one. They all still kind of suck in my opinion -- teeny displays that sad old twats like me can barely read, silly handwriting recognition that I'd never be able to master, not enough memory to replace my mp3 player, postage stamp video playback that I can't imagine watching, bullshit DRM entanglements, etc. Oh well.

Your mileage may vary of course. You might A) have a life chock full of events you need to keep track of on a calendar B) can be trained to use a stylus to write productively and C) Have some feature X not already covered by your phone or your MP3 player you can't live without.

Until someone comes up with something that is (perhaps) an iPhone that doesn't suck in the obvious ways the iPhone sucks, I'll just muddle along with my cell phone where I still manually dial most of the numbers from memory, just as though it was a 15 pound black bakelite behemoth permanently tethered to the bottom of the stairs.

Handwriting recognition? I can't even read my own fucking handwriting, how's a computer to do it?