February 15th, 2008


More on politics -- Hillary doesn't vote on Telecom Immunity

From my brother Steve:

As a free culture wonk, I probably care even more about telecom
immunity than most people. The big brother machine is installed in
an AT&T switching center a mile from where I work. It's one of the
reasons I give money (and a car!) to EFF every chance I get.

I'm sure you all saw on the news yesterday that my best gal, Nancy
Pelosi, called the Bush administration's bluff and blocked (for now)
the senate's gift to the criminals who helped the government traitors.

Twenty of 49 democratic senators voted for telecom immunity. One of
them was my senator, Diane Feinstein, who lost my support long ago,
when she was bought for just five figures by big entertainment,
selling out her much larger constituency in the tech industry, to the
detriment of free culture. My other senator, Barbara Boxer, voted
against immunity.

Even more interesting is how this relates to the presidential campaign:

McCain voted for immunity, naturally.

Obama voted against immunity.

And Hillary? She claims to oppose immunity. She was in D.C.

And she was the only Democratic senator who didn't cast a vote."