February 21st, 2008


C'est Aujourd'Hui Grande Fête

Keith Murphy is a musician who lives in Brattleboro VT, who does music based around New England and Atlantic Canada folk music. C'est Aujourd'Hui Grande Fête is a song by (or collected by) Jean-Paul Guimond

What I love about this song is its elemental loopiness -- very techno. I'm surprised no one has picked up on foot drumming to use in dance music -- it's a perfect fit.

I also love the lyric, event though my babytalk French isn't up to a proper translation. "Take a walk with the woman you love to listen to the nightingale perched in the arbour sing of summer. The beautiful song of the bird invites us to be beautiful."

The title is one of those things that calls attention to how different languages shape how feelings are expressed. "C'est Aujourd'Hui Grande Fête" means literally 'Today's a great [feast/party/festival]', which is a way of saying Carpe Diem/Sieze The Day, only with the implication of way more fun.

And Keith Murphy's version of a Quebeqois accent is so softly sensuous that I thought he was singing in Portuguese at first. Parisian French makes elegance out of gutterals, a South France Accent sounds like a French version of Brooklyn-ese, and Quebeqois tends to be a bouncy sing-song, with a bit of twang. Keith Murphy's accent sounds like Milton Nascimento singing in French.

And I should credit Melissa for picking out this song for me, from a CDR compilation by her friend Lucy. If you're ever in Brattleboro and need Shiatsu, she's the go-to woman.