March 15th, 2008


And ye shall know them by their Dockers slacks and fleece pullovers.

I'm at the Johnson County Democratic Convention, waiting, as one duffer even older than I, for the 'action' to begin. Glad there's free Wi Fi, even more glad I brought 2 books.

It's no surprise that the people who actually bother to show up at an event like this trend older than the general population. After all I waited until I was 50 to show up. But amongst this group of earnest elderly is the only time I can say I was glad to see a couple of skinny emo boys. I guess you can't judge a book by it's cover.

There's one thing in common between musicians and people who participate in party politics -- they're willing to spend long hours doing something boring (practice vs party meetings) for the promise of an eventual payoff. Which dovetails with my observation that a Campaign Rally is like a rock show, only no one rocks.


The Obama Caucus room is now meeting. There is chanting, with a woman leading the chant. Thank jebus only for a minute. How I feel was expressed best by Groucho Marx: "I don't want to belong to any club that will accept me as a member."

The Obama campaign is handing out snack mix that's all O's -- Cheerios, Apple Jacks etc. It makes me feel like a toddler.

err -- slapback echo

Jo Co Supervisors giving speeches, with a nasty slapback echo and loud fans, because for some reason the West High Auditorium is 85f when it's 30F outside.

I came as an alternate, and I'll be seated as a delegate. Woo hoo!

Terry Neuzil, a supervisor, gave the only dynamic speech amongst the locals. Dave Lobesack, our US Rep, gave a very fired up speech about what he's done in Congress. Which isn't a huge amount, but he's trying. My son Sean is an intern in his US Congress office in DC...


I move for lunch

So for the last half hour, the topic discussed at the convention was what was available for lunch. The chair even suggested a vote on Broccoli. Broccoli got a split voice vote. Mostly they were killing time for the credentials committee to finish seating delegates.

Oh and I got credentials, at the very last minute. The convention -- due to no shows and the like -- usually seats everyone that shows up. It was unprecedented that more people showed up to serve as alternates than were needed to fill in for delegates not present. First the Obama chair selected delegates based on precinct, then they drew names from a hat, and then they drew more names when they discovered a pile of unallocated credentials. exciting, no?

Count right now is Obama 131, Edwards 73, Clinton 71. Second alignment begins.