March 22nd, 2008


I'm mad as hell and those fuckwits can fuck the fuck off.

Part of how I feel comes from the fact that Barack Obama is My Guy. Fair enough I'm biased. The ref's a bum,etc.

But what the fuck is up with this Rev. Wright video and the uproar?

I don't believe that the government sent AIDS and crack to the ghetto to kill black folks. But I understand the metaphoric truth that makes that attractive to some Black Nationalists -- it has as much emotional truth as say, Jesus turning water into wine, or walking out of his tomb. And any Christians reading this, don't even start. I'm just saying.

But everything else Wright said on those videos is pretty right on. US brought 9/11 on itself? Well, Al Qaeda was founded with the specific grievance of wanting American bases out of Saudi Arabia. Beyond that, there is a general grievance they have that the US supports undemocratic regimes in the name of Oil and regional stability. It doesn't justify flying hijacked jets into the WTC and the Pentagon. That's still a horrible crime. But it's not like the US is an innocent bystander on the world stage.

And why wouldn't black people curse America from time to time? How would you feel about any country that who kidnapped your family and treated them like property? And what about the ongoing racism of this society? It may be easier to get ahead in the US for black folks than it was 50 years ago. But any black person that doesn't signify by the accent, clothes and attitude that they've surrendered to the dominant culture is going to have a hard time.

That may in fact be Reverend Wright's biggest sin in those videos. He's just WAY TOO BLACK for his detractors. He's not playing the game. Hell, that is a big part of Obama's appeal -- the way he talks and the way he dresses is white enough to keep white folks from getting uncomfortable.

Frankly, all the people howling about how horrible Rev Wright are full of shit. They want to maintain some shibboleths of patriotism that simply aren't supported by the facts of our history. They want to condemn someone for getting in their face with uncomfortable oratory. How dare they tell Rev. Wright, or by extension Barack Obama, that reflexive, unthinking, uncritical patriotism towards a country with plenty of blood on its hands is a prerequisite for them to be let into the centers of power?

Motherfuck them and John Wayne.