April 17th, 2008


Let me just say...

... this is by far the stupidest LJ user icon I've ever used. And I mean that in a good way.

I cut it out of a Garfield Minus Garfield strip. I went looking for the original, but I couldn't find it. (Original strip here) The Garfield website is a nightmare, and the strip archive page has the worst user interface ever.

You have to set the date using buttons, and then push on an animated Garfield to bring up the strip for the date you selected. There's no 'earlier' and 'later' buttons, and every time you choose a date, it refreshes the whole page. Oh, and when you click on Garfield there's an annoying sound effect. And the rest of the site is full of pointless animation and general busy-ness to no good end.

Even worse, the best designed Garfield website would still be about the Garfield comic strip.

I looked through a few weeks of Garfield strips, and realized that G - G doesn't work for every strip, especially the ones where Garfield lays in the foreground and thinks 'humorous' thoughts. Same drawing for all frames. Jon Arbuckle Jim Davis* is the laziest cartoonist on earth.

*thanks to optic for pointing out that the name of the artist who draws Garfield is different than the name of the cartoonist that is a character in the Garfield comic strip.

Don't techno for an answer


I've had trouble finishing anything lately, so I made a point to try and do something quickly, and put this together in about 90 minutes. Like a lot of things, I put together the sounds and fx a week or so ago, and hated what I did with it, so I erased all the patterns in Live and put together new ones.

Sounds -- Tape909, random African and Latin percussion samples, Kontakt electric piano patch, and Vaz Modular...

It's sometimes hard for me to get away from what I really like, because, y'know I really like what I really like: Congas, Roland TR drums, Electric Piano, Analog basslines. If the world would stand for it every track I did would just be those things.