June 27th, 2008


Escape the Floodwater DJ Mix By Me...

Escape The Floodwater Mix

Iowa in general, and Cedar Rapids and Iowa City in particular have
been flooded out over the past few weeks. My mother-in-law's
consigment clothing store took on five feet of water, and we spent a
couple of days removing several tons of stinking, soggy clothes from
the building, piling them into a mountain of fashion hopes dashed.
We've been through this before, but it still saddens us all. My
immediate family had no issues with flooding -- my wife's business is
in a building about 6 feet above the river's highest excursion. But
even for those whose houses and businesses were trashed, there is the
one consolation that nobody died as a result. But everyone wanders
around gobsmacked at having their town trashed yet again.

But back to more selfish concerns: I played a Ableton DJ set Saturday
night for a disastrously under-attended show at the Picador.
Originally my friend Dave Powers was going to drive in from Chicago to
do a live house/techno set, but his car wasn't up to the job; one of
the other guys who was supposed to play had his laptop laid low by OS
X. So after a scramble, I was able to get two noise/electronic bands
to jump on the bill -- Lwa and One Indian Tear.

The end result was that what had been a mostly dance-oriented bill
turned into a mostly noise/experimental show, which I opened to an
empty club. People gradually filtered in, but they were not a
dancefloor audience -- they huddled in the back by the bar throughout
my whole set, which doesn't get the performer juices flowing exactly.
I was essentially playing electronic music for people with little
affinity for it. Ironically about half of the 20 or so people there
came up afterwards and said they really enjoyed it, so maybe I made a
few conversions in the process.

At any rate, I didn't get a recording of my set so last night I sat
down at home to knock one out based on the tracks I'd pulled together
for the saturday night show. I can't really say in words the feeling
I was going for but I think I achieved it. After all when you try to
make some sort of art the real goal is to do something unexplainable
and irreducable, isn't it? The outer intellectual goal was to make
something that incorporated a lot of music made over a the past 30
years, and yet incorporate a bunch of relatively recent tracks that
have been knocking me out. Emotionally it was a sort of escape from
recent craziness, a retreat to higher ground, if you will.


1. Ectomorph - Lost Angles (Manyangles Version)
2. Adult - Nightlife
3. ESG - Dance
4. Chaircrusher - Purple
5. John Tejada - Sweet On The Walls
6. Five Mic Cluster - Basildon Lover
7. Ame - Sun Sugar
8. Alif Tree - Forgotten Places (Moodyman Remix)
9. Arthur Russell - Get Around To It
10. Thom Yorke - Harrowdown Hill
11. Liquid Liquid - Caverns
12. Carl Craig - My Machines
13. GrandCru - Out Of Isolation
14. Omar S - Untited B01 (Detroit EP AOS-2)
15. Tolga Fidan - Tanbulistan
16. Fred Giannelli - Delirious
17. Modern Lovers - Pablo Picasso
18. Gregory Tresher - A Thousand Nights
19. Sebbo - Watamu Beach (Moritz Von Oswald Rework)
20. Laurie Anderson (Henry Cullen Bootleg remix)
21. Coldplay - Talk (Francois K Dub)
22. Eamonn Doyle - Red Shift
23. As One - Chiaro
24. Blackdown/Burial - Crackle Dub
25. Burial - Archangel
26. Reinhardt Voigt - Charge Your Dreams
27. Coolzey vs Chaircrusher - Easy Pimp
28. Terrence Parker vs Joe Smooth -- Love's Got Me High/Forever My Love