June 29th, 2008

lovin licks

Name That Dish

I have endeavored over the past several years to eat what I think is a healthy diet. This has included eating as vegetarian as I can, while still eating some chicken and fish to avoid the challenges of getting balanced protein on a vegetarian diet. Part of this is that Sunday morning is Eggs Breakfast. Saturday is Buttermilk Pancakes Breakfast, but Sunday is the day I eat 2 eggs.

Eggs of course are awesome. It is hard to beat two poached or fried eggs on toast. But lately I've been making a peculiar sort of thing -- an amalgam of French Toast, Omelette and Taco. I don't have a name for this dish so I appeal to you, the reader.

2 Flour Tortillas
2 Eggs
1 Serrano Chile
2 Scallions
1/3 cup shredded cheese (Monterey Jack, Colby or Co-Jack)
Additions to taste (black greek olives my favorite)
Olive Oil, or Margerine or Butter

On a dinner plate, beat the eggs until whites & yolk are well mixed.
Chop Chiles and Scallions finely.

Heat a flat skillet to medium high. Melt a 1/2 to a teaspoon of the lubricant of your choice.
Lay the tortillas in the eggs, and flip until well coated.
Put tortillas on skillet, and cook for a few seconds. Pour rest of eggs and chopped fillings on top of tortillas.
Allow eggs that run off the tortillas to cook until no longer runny.
Scrape eggs from griddle onto tortillas. Sprinkle cheese on tortillas and fold tortillas in two.
Cover tortillas with a lid, and cook for about a minute. Flip tortillas, cover, and cook for another minute or two.

The result looks both like an omelette and an eggy taco. I haven't takes a picture but they turn out rather magnificent -- the sort of thing I could picture in a foodie magazine. They would look even more appealing with a sprinkling of cheese melted on top before serving.

Serve with the salsa of your choice -- a fresh tomato salsa is my favorite.

The direct inspiration of this dish is something my friend Tom Barker's Mexican Mama used to make, that she called Sopitas, though that name is used for an entirely different dish by the rest of the world... The basic ingredients are the same, but in her Sopitas, the tortillas are torn into pieces and browned in butter before adding eggs and other ingrediants. These are very good as well, but tend to come out as a lumpy, yellowish pile with brown spots. I think it was a dish whose purpose was to stretch eggs with starch, when eggs are expensive relative to tortillas.

This nameless dish comes out as perfect little half moons of spicy, eggy goodness.