July 26th, 2008


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Sure they didn't have the great drugs we have these days but that didn't stop people in the 50's from getting Crazy Freaky.
Here's a question. The accompanying article talks about "fallen arches" -- does anyone actually get fallen arches any more? Is that an outmoded term for which there is a modern term I don't know? Considering the footwear available in the 50s it's a wonder anyone wasn't crippled by their shoes.

But there are diseases that were commonly described within living memory that no one even knows what they are any more. Pleurisy? Dropsy? The Vapors? Yeah yeah smartasses, go look 'em up on Wikipedia. And I actually know what Pleurisy is because an elderly friend of ours got it once and called it that -- it's an inflammation of the pleural cavity around the lungs, caused by infection or a variety of other conditions. Quite painful. King Charlemagne died of it in 813.

I think it's kind of awesome that we know what someone died of in 813. Of course we know what Jesus died of in year zero too. And Buddha died after eating a bad meal, though he told his followers not to blame the guy who brought the food. But that was sometime 400-500 BCE, so that's a little harder to verify.

And to die after a bad meal really sucks. Your last mortal memory: "That ham and cheese? Sub par." I'd rather eat a really good meal and then get shot in the head.

But I digress.