July 30th, 2008


C Minor Exercise


There's a time honored Cheap Trick Of Techno that goes back to Hakan Libdo's  Aril Brikha'[s "Groove La Chord" or perhaps Sean Deason's "The Shit" -- basically build a dancefloor track around a repeated vamp on an AMinor chord.

So I was doing two things tonight -- playing with the new GoldBaby XRB kit and jamming out on the Juno 60. And this is what I came up with. Two plugins that made the track -- the Audio Damage Dubstation and the AnarchyRhythms. The former is on delay duty, and the latter accounts for the extra-messed up bits in the middle.

This is by no means a polished track. I put together a very minimal set of drum patterns, recorded the Juno 60 while messing about, and then made the arrangement up on the fly, which is of course what Ableton Live is great for. It's all clicky and occasionally distorts, and there are at least 2 places I regard as genuine mistakes. And yet, I think if I played this out it would slay on the dancefloor.

Oh, and the Juno60 effing rules. All the hiss you hear in the quiet bits is genuine 1982 Roland Brand hiss.

EDIT: As Matt pointed out Aril Brikha did Groove La Chord -- something I KNEW, but did a complete brain fart on....