August 4th, 2008



It looks like the Presidential race is still pretty tight. This boggles my mind, and it sorely tempts me to doubt the intelligence and political awareness of Americans. How can half the population think John McCain is a good idea? Sure he was a POW, but my God, he's also a creepy old hothead who is solidly in the pocket of the same moneyed elites who have been fucking over the entire planet for the last 50 years.

From talking to my son Sean who works for the Obama campaign, there are a lot of voters he's canvassed who are still convinced he's a Muslim, or who think being in Reverend Wright's church means he's a whitey-hating radical. One woman he talked to, after he explained Obama's professed Christianity, said "well, maybe you're right, but can we really take the chance that he might be a Muslim?"

The depth of ignorance a comment like that shows is jaw-dropping. First being Muslim doesn't mean you're a terrorist. I suspect that there's a shockingly high percentage of Americans who know absolutely nothing about Islam except that the 9/11 terrorists were Muslim. Second, the public record of Barack Obama's life is not obscure -- when the hell would he become a 'secret Muslim?' What would that even mean?

If anyone bothered to read the paper, they'd know what a trainwreck McCain is. Forget the fact that he's running a bunch of negative ads based on total bullshit -- if you ever watch his speeches, he looks like a reanimated corpse, trying and failing to channel Ronald Reagan. His policy positions are the same bullshit sold by the yard by the Republican party since Calvin Coolidge. The United States is currently fux0red top to bottom by the disastrous policies of an administration that McCain has cravenly embraced all along.

I know the valid reservations that people might have about Obama, but damn, you have to be a real dirthead to think McCain would be a better choice. If that insults anyone, I'm sorry, but I just can't see it any other way.