August 12th, 2008


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happy birthday to elkay who had the good taste to be born on my birthday. We also share a birthday with Fidel Castro.

And closer to home, my cousin David was born on my 5th birthday, and my wife's best friend Geralyn.

Aftermath of a live set (or a Live set)

I played at the Mill last Thursday night. My setup was Ableton Live, a Behringer pedalboard, and a guitar. I could have as many as 4 live loops running at a time.

As it happened I saved the set when I was done, so I had all the loops I'd played in. I just jammed them out live and mixed them down into 6 minutes or so. If you'll listen you'll notice that I was really big on the delays. I actually was playing some drums & synth lines at the same time but at this point I'm sick of them, so I left them out.

Since I did a lot of playing over the recorded loops, and spent about 20 minutes playing, this isn't representative of anything other than the general sound of what I did, but it was fun to re-use the impromptu loops.