August 21st, 2008


How ITunes + IPod loses

1. The dreaded 'sync deletes all the files off your IPod' thing. I'm a software developer and have spent 20+ years writing programs people actually use. I've never in my life written a program that is as unclear as ITunes about trashing all your files.

Good thing I'm paranoid about backing stuff up. Though i did grab a bunch of stuff off my brother's computer that apparently just got shitcanned off into the ozone.

2. If you add the same file twice to itunes, it has 2 copies of the file. Strangely, when copying from itunes to the computer it's smart enough not to make a copy of an identical file. I've spent a lot of time weeding through the list of 'duplicate files' which isn't an ideal way to spend time. I know that when you're trying to maintain a collection of 3 months of continuous audio a certain amount of gardening is involved, but why the fuck is ITunes so dumb about this? Checking that two files have the same name, id3 tags, length, and checksum is so hard? Is there a conceivable reason why anyone would want to have two copies of a mp3 file in their ITunes Library?

I know, I know, YAMIPOD, ITunes sucks, etc.

The only thing is that ITunes has its good points -- in particular, smart playlists. And it's already on OS X machines.

But between the DRM absurdities, and the complete failures documented above, I wonder what is actually going on at 1 Infinite Loop. They're so good at some things, that when they totally FAIL FAIL FAIL it's all the more infuriating.