September 3rd, 2008


Speak and %ksjfd %# K K K K !!!

Bending the Speak and Math is a lot more satisfying than the Speak and Spell was, for a number of reasons:

1. Slightly better mechanical proficiency, with practice.
2. Found a better bend chart. The Reed Ghazala diagram is for a completely different revision of the board.
3. Improved ghetto soldering skills.
4. Better ideas about how to fit the controls into the case. On the Speak&Spell I couldn't work out where a full size potentiometer would fit so I sacrificed the battery compartment. This time I just boogered out part of the case to make room up by the handle.
5. Doubling up momentary switches with toggles. So you can trigger the loop toggle, then flip the switch to hang onto it.
6. Better -- no crash -- pitch control. Ended up hooking in-line a big-ass 47k resistor, but hey if I ever need to pass 200 volts down that path, I'm set.
7. Overall, more awesome bent madness with this model. The proof is in the sound. Plus the Speak and Math puts something resembling line level out the earphone jack; my speak and spell I had to use my Putney CV cable, which has a 10K resistor in line.
bunco bill

Chrome not so shiny on OS X

I got to play around with Chrome last night on my Windows machine, and all I have to say is as soon as they get the OS X port done, I'll be spurning Firefox, which, though an improvement over IE and Safari in some respects, is kind of bloated these days. It also tends to lock up and go wonky on OS X in ways it does not on Windows.

It surprises me that A) They develop on Windows and then port and B) They didn't build and test on OS X and Linux from the beginning of the process.

Point B especially is kind of a dumb move -- you know you're going to support all 3 OS, why aren't you designing to that goal from day one? Given the amount of work that has been done on platform-independent UI programming, and the number of engineers Google could throw at the problem, it's inexcusable.

Good ol dumb lazy bald Fred.

Fred Thompson likes paragraphs comprising one short sentence

How anyone can think Fred Thompson is anything but a buffoon is beyond me, but at least he was your best entertainment value last night. The text of his speech looks like someone was writing a haiku and thought it should take ten minutes to read. By the way, the reason I was looking is I wanted the exact quote where he implies Barack Obama doesn't care about infanticide: "And we need a President who doesn't think that the protection of the unborn or a newly born baby is above his pay grade."

Here is my unfair edit, taking out everything that isn't a short sentence. Extra points for sentences containing no verbs:

Sound like anyone else we know?
It's a story about character.
The tradition continues.
John's flight suit caught fire.
He was hit by shrapnel.
John replied that, yes, he was.
The young sailor said, "Thank God"... and then he died.
20 planes were destroyed.
134 sailors died.
Stepping up.
Putting his "Country First."
An angry mob got to him.
A rifle butt broke his shoulder.
John McCain said "No".
He persevered.
John McCain refused.
They were right.
It was.
And now we are winning.
We balanced the budget.
And big talkers.
It still has.
Some were not.
This is not reform.
Our country is calling.
John McCain cannot raise his arms above his shoulders.
And we salute him.

What is it with old bald Republicans and their trophy wives?

Glass Ceiling Needed Breaking? Mission Accomplished!

Well Sarah Palin has done it. Without regard to gender, marital or parental status, strictly as one human being to another: I hate her every bit as much as that fat sack of evil and pus, Dick Cheney. And that voice will haunt my nightmares forever.

I'm sure that there's some percentage of Americans who saw that speech and just thought she was awesome. But she is simply, comprehensively horrible.