September 18th, 2008


I never do memes, but...

This morning. Color corrected with The Gimp, but no edits. Sanyo Katana picture phone. Motion blur seems to have done something strange to the shape of my head. Like my ridiculously large Everglide Headphones?. Seriously, you can use these headphones to store your other headphones or carry your lunch to work.

Yow... thank you ITunes for the Statistics

According to ITunes I've added 22.2 hours of tracks to ITunes since September 1. Some of these adds were review CDs, but the bulk was bought on Boomkat, Juno, and Beatport.

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Phew! I'm going to have fun piecing together a DJ mix out of it all -- Dubby techno, Dubby house, left field house, interesting minimal techno, straight up banging (but tasteful) techno, dreamy Detroit style house ....