September 22nd, 2008



Every so often, a track comes along that reminds you just how icky big room house music can be. It's kind of sad too -- Ron Carroll and Bob Sinclar have done some nice house music in the past that didn't go over the edge into cheese the way this does.

And this video is like a Coke commercial from the 70s. It makes me want to kill myself.


Another sign of the imminent apocalypse

Reggae Producer Leftside appropriates Boots Randolph's "Yakkity Sax"

Here's the bare riddim
Elephant Man does his thing.
Lady Saw makes it even more annoying.

I read about this on Idolator, the link above is to blog post Idolator was commenting on.

My opinion of "Yakkity Sax" is that the least annoying application for it is Benny Hill, and Benny Hill is pretty fucking annoying. It only goes down hill from there. And now it comes to this -- the country that produced the Wailers, Burning Spear, The Congoes, and the Wailing Souls produces this crap.

To add insult to injury -- the whole 'riddim' game in Jamaica works this way -- a producer comes up with a riddim, and if it's hot, every vocalist on the island wants to put their own vocal on it. If a riddim is a hit a CD comes out with 10 or 12 different versions by different DJs (i.e. the guy rapping, in Jamaica-speak) or singers.

I think a lot of people would choose waterboarding over being forced to listen to this riddim for an hour.