October 13th, 2008


In which I jump on a bandwagon

Anyone who uses a RSS reader to chew through a pile of blogs has, I'm sure, had a chance to watch MGMT's goofy video for the song "The Youth". Swayed by hearing the song on the video, I bought the mp3s on amazon.com, and I find it to be delicious, if not nutritious.

MGMT seems to pull together aspects of 70s pop music (T Rex, Abba, Bee Gees, Electric Light Orchestra) into a lovely, woozy pop confection. All of the bands I namechecked have a tendency to be annoying, which MGMT so far seems to have avoided. And their songwriting is as good as their delivery.

I'm even willing to forgive them for letting Justice remix them. The Justice remix of "Electric Feel" annoys in all the ways Justice usually annoys, starting with the midrange-scooped 'happy smile' EQ on the mastering. I'm beginning to fear that commercial music is going to all be mastered with a hyped high end to compensate for young people's iPod induced hearing loss...