December 3rd, 2008


Watch the bowtie dance

My brother Ian has this photographic fetish of recreating the pose from an old photograph. So every thanksgiving since 2002 he's taken a picture with his wife and daughter in the same pose.
When he posted all the pics in his blog, I thought 'why not gif animation?' Using Gimp I loaded them all up, dragged, scaled, and rotated them so that his eyes line up (pretty much) from picture to picture. The result is kinda scary and ridiculous, kind of like that Something Awful Lindsay Lohan animation.

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This sort of thing would maybe more visually interesting if I figured out how to register the surroundings -- e.g. the stove and window in the background. I actually have that technology at work, but the amount of programming involved is more than I commit to a goof like this.

Actually I bet people would dig on a program that did landmark registration -- pick 2 or 3 points in a picture that you want to align, and the program would figure out the combination of scaling and rotation to come close to aligning them.

EDIT: I guess there's already TurboReg, which is a plugin for a program called ImageJ. These are both in my work domain, medical image processing.