December 6th, 2008


Why I hang out at the Mill

The Mill is a restaurant, bar, and live music venue that has been around for 56 years. It's really a brilliant place in it's own homey way; I've been going there for at least half of its tenure -- when we first got married we used to go hang out several times a week, both for the all-you-can-eat spaghetti plate and our friends who made it their living room.

But now it has an additional attraction. My friend Samuel Locke Ward does the music booking there now, which has stepped up the cool/adventurousness of the music offered.

But this isn't a story about the Mill per se. It's about a conversation/joke I heard there last night. The two people talking -- shivering in the beer garden to smoke cigarettes, are the above-mentioned Sam, and Alex from the band 12 Canons.

Alex: I just can't take a crap here. I am afraid a snake will come out of the toilet and bit me.
Sam: I can't take a crap here, because I'm afraid a wiener will come up out of the toilet and touch my wiener and give me the gay.