December 16th, 2008



There's an upside and a downside to how Google manages their software. It's great that it's a web app, so bug fixes get automatically pushed out on you unawares. You go to gmail, and you get an up to the moment version of gmail.

But 2 things lately have really SUCKED about google.

1. Personalized home page -- they used to have a gmail gadget which was OK -- not great. But you could a) see what your inbox was looking like and b) invoke full on GMail in a new window/tab. Now they've got this left handed menu handle, that allows you to click on a full screen GMail gadget.

But wait, the GMail thing in Google Personalized Home Page is effing useless -- it doesn't let you click thru URLs in e-mail messages, it messes up 'reply to' addresses, and it doesn't show your labels. So if I click on GMail, 99.99% of the time I then click the 'open full gmail' button.

2. Geo-Location by IP address is broken. I'm NOT in Germany, and Google.DE is worthless to me! And I don't know why google keeps getting this wrong no matter what I do!

The worst part about these problems -- they're NEW! They went out of their way to create them, and give you no way to roll back to a version you were satisfied with!

They may not be evil, but they're far from perfect.