December 28th, 2008


Why a Korg Kaossilator Is Awesome. What sucks about it.

What's awesome:

1. A collection of sounds that tend towards the cliche, but if you spend some time with them you can do some interesting things, by layering more than one sound, using the sequenced gate, etc.
2. I love the XY Pad, and the way it quantizes to the scale of your choice.
3. With some tricks you can have a lot of fun.

What sucks:

1. No sync with anything
2. No option for quantize, and
3. No metronome.

This means that making beats with it is kind of hard. Even if you're one of those guys who are a one finger 808, which I'm not.

4. Limited presets, especially in the drum loop department. No patch tweaking at all.
5. No way to save loops, aside from recording audio.
6. You can add stuff but not subtract it. There's some sort of way to back out the last recording you did, but I can't figure it out.

Now for the tricks.

1. Use 16 beats instead of just 8
2. Once you have a loop you can gate it with the delete button to introduce gaps.
3. Not sure if only available in 16 beat mode: You can change the loop length and it records the glitchy sound of messing with the knobs.
4. Adjusting the tempo way down sounds granular and cool. Plus you can do trick 3, or the gating trick at 20 bpm, and then speed it back for loads of stuttery glitchy nonsense.

In terms of using it live I think it would best in a noise show, because you can very quickly build up a dense mess, gate bits of it out,