December 31st, 2008


80s Crooner

My brother Ian 'commissioned' some beats/songs/fragments for him to add vocals to. This is what I knocked out today.

Drums -- Impulse in Ableton Live, some Goldbaby samples, mostly
Bass -- Dave Smith Mopho -- tweaked 'Bowng Bass' preset
Pad -- Juno 60

It is basically "Music Minus One Or More" but it's a pleasant and pleasantly simple track. It's the first time I used that ridiculous simple Italo drum pattern, and it's surprising how fun that can be. Blame it on Black Devil Disco Club.

Also the debut of Tom Butcher's old TM-D1000 mixer. Due to some tomfoolery having to do with digital sync between my Hammerfall DSP audio interface, the TM-D1000, and the TDIF-ADAT converter, I can't seem to record the digital output of the mixer back into the HDSP. So I had to build a pair of balanced 1/4" cables to run analog audio from the mixer back into the audio interface.

But it is good to be able to easily combine multiple channels of digital audio from the computer with several analog instruments on mixdown. I didn't check levels when I was recording, so it sounds a little dirty -- digital clipping on every kick drum! -- but I kind of like this kind of dirty.