January 19th, 2009


Supersync can be your friend.

I don't usually get that excited about software that doesn't have to do with music production. For day to day computing, I use the online google stuff, because it's good enough, it's accessible from anywhere, and they handle backups for me.

But yesterday I found something pretty awesome that perfectly solves a problem I had: I have an insane number of MP3 files, spread across various hard disks and computers. I use ITunes for my main librarian and player -- not because it's so great, but because it's free and ubiquitous.

But ITunes has one really annoying thing -- you have to be really careful about importing files, because it's completely stupid about duplicates. In other words, the most natural thing to do to sync two big piles of mp3s is to copy one into the other, and either overwrite or skip duplicates -- you can't do that. ITunes will dutifully add duplicate files over and over again.

But finally I found Supersync which is designed precisely to work around this problem, and also to work around ITunes' unwillingness to copy stuff from an IPod to a computer. Supersync can

1. Copy from a directory tree of mp3s into your ITunes library, skipping files already in the library.
2. Copy files from your IPod into your ITunes Library.
3. Copy between ITunes libraries on different computers, either on your LAN and across the Internet.
4. Access and stream tracks from one of your computers, from any other computer on the internet.

It isn't free. Well, there's a free non-expiring demo but it will only transfer 25 files at a time. You have to buy a license for every computer you use it on. But it's only $29 for 2 computers, and $39 for 5, and that feels like it's a great deal, given what it does.

So now I have a One True MP3 file collection on one of my machines, and it's the union of all the disparate collections of mp3s I have. And I can stream stuff from it across the internet. And it gets backed up nightly to an external hard drive.

If you have Supersync and want to check out stuff in my library, send me an e-mail to chaircrusher at gmail dot com, and I'll give you the URL and password. For your listening pleasure, of course.

And setting up a server over my cable modem was easy -- I have a Linksys WRT54G router, which supports dyndns.org, and UPNP. So all I had to do to set up the server was to get an account at dyndns.org, and tell Supersync to configure its server port with UPNP. For some of you that might as well be written in Tagalog, but if you know enough to configure a router it's all dead easy.

And hey someone reading this might actually know Tagalog!