March 18th, 2009


New trend in SP4M — Disturbing Fake News?

The subject line is, for example “Why did they expload bomb there?”

The message body says “Is it the truth?” and gives a link.

I clicked on the link (being on a Mac running Firefox, I think the risk was pretty low), and it goes to a really shoddy fake Reuters news item:

Powerful explosion burst in Iowa City this morning.

At least 12 people have been killed and more than 40 wounded in a bomb blast near market in Iowa City.
Authorities suggested that explosion was caused by "dirty" bomb. Police said the bomb was detonated
from close by using electric cables. "It was awful" said the eyewitness about blast that he heard from his
shop. "It made the floor shake. So many people were running"
Until now there has been no claim of responsibility.

There are some links on that page, all to presumably malicious Windows programs.

This creeped me out.

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