March 24th, 2009


Micachu Filthy Friends Mix Tape

Micachu is a sort of next big thing-esque young woman from London, whose soon-to-be-released debut album was produced by veteran nutter Matthew Herbert. The songs on the myspace page remind me of Blectum from Blechdom, having some of that duo’s manic ridiculous WTF-ness, though Micachu hold things together more. Blevin Blectum’s album “Magic Maple” is perhaps the high water mark of musical WTF-ness; it’s the first Slits record as heard by someone on a jimson weed trip.

Micachu isn’t as deliberately obtuse as Blevin, but she’s not afraid to embrace the chaos, as she does on this ‘mix tape’ which features some of her London fellow travelers. It comprises some Grime cuts, occasional vocal interjections from Micachu, mashed together found voices, and musique concrète.

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I’m not the first person to link this, but I did put it on my own server so you won’t have to poke around on the myspace page to find it or go to a megasnotload type site. You’re welcome!

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Eevonext “What’s Next 2″ Sampler

If you like techno that works on the dancefloor, but also makes for enjoyable deep listening, there’s no reason why you’re not already buying everything from Eevolute/Eevonext already.

Just got the announcement for What’s Next 2, a 4 track EP featuring tracks from Avigail, Terrace, and The Moderator. Terrace is Stefan Robbers, Eevolute label owner and half the Acid Junkies. The Moderator is Klaus Jongsma, aka the tallest, blondest man in Dutch Techno. Avigail is a newcomer about whom I know nothing, but her track is the one people are talking up. It runs at a techno tempo but the beat is more Bo Diddley than 4 to the floor. It’s lush and moody, featuring some spy-movie strings and female vocals.

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The Financial Disaster Article We’ve All Been Waiting To Read

Matt Taibbi explains the financial crisis, finally

I am not a big Matt Taibbi fan, in general. He is a snarky, cynical jerk, whose favorite rhetorical strategy is argument by the smug assertion that he’s smarter than everybody else.

But in this RS article he finally gets it right. He takes his own self-regard out of the picture and instead focuses his righteous anger on the people that are actually responsible for the mess we’re in. Forthwith, I’m instituting a moratorium on calling him a balding frat boy who needs a sock in the kisser. Well after that last sentence I am.

What really depresses me about this article is that it describes a continuation of a problem with how the US Government works. You can see this in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and now the financial sector: First, some amoral smart-aleck makes disastrously wrong decisions about the best way to serve our country’s interests. Then, once the consequences of those wrong decisions start to blow up in our faces, we put that same fucking arrogant shithead in charge of fixing it, because he somehow gets away with claiming that he’s the foremost expert.

And every step along the way, said arrogant shitheads find ways to enrich themselves and their cronies at our expense, with no regard whatsoever for the damage they do to the world. Jesus Fucking Wept.

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A Critique Of Pure Jargon

As regards My post about Micachu, a friend wrote to me:

not intended to be sarcastic at your expense. I went through your review and xxxed out all words that either conveyed nothing to me (in my ignorance; like i know who matthew herbert is but not what that implies abotu how the album would sound) or that seemed to me to be content-free (eg “embrace the chaos”) and got the following dada-esque review:
‘xxx is a sort of next big thing-esque young woman from xxx, whose debut album about to be release was produced by veteran xxx xxx xxx. The songs on the myspace page remind me of xxx from xxx, having some of that xxx xxx xxx, though xxx seems to xxx xxx xxx a bit more than that duo. xxx xxx’s album “xxx xxx” is perhaps the high water mark of musical xxx, kind of like the first xxx record as heard by someone on a xxx xxx xxx.
xxx isn’t as deliberately xxx as that, but she’s not afraid to xxx the xxx, as she does on this “mix tape” which features some of her xxx xxx xxx on the xxx tip, with occasional vocal interjections from xxx, mashed together voices, and musique concrète.’

Fair enough I guess. I was depending on readers knowing things I can’t know they’ll know, to understand what I was on about.  On the other hand, I don’t try and live up to the same standards in blog posts that I follow when I write reviews for publication.  A big part of my review-writing narrative is the assumption that many readers aren’t going to be aware of everything I might bring to listening to a piece of Music. I’m someone who spends a large portion of their waking hours listening to, making, or thinking about music, so I have a domain-specific knowlege set a casual reader would not.

When I write on my blog, I don’t feel the same responsibility to explain, or to judge what needs explaining.  First, it’s a more personal forum, and until the big bucks start rolling in for my blogging expertise, I’m not going to waste time worrying about whether people can follow what I’m saying.  Second, with two examples of Micachu’s music included in the post, one can presumably gloss over the stuff in my post you don’t get, and judge the music independent of anything I might have to say.

Third, I think my friend goes a bit far, x-ing out some things that aren’t arcane references or untethered metaphor.  I’d think ‘obtuse’ would be part of most people’s vocabulary, and the meaning of an ‘obtuse’ composer or musician shouldn’t require a  lot of sweat to understand.

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