May 2nd, 2009


HOWTO: Build PaulStretch on OS/X (or elsewhere)

A commenter asked for help building Paul Stretch for his G4 Powerbook. I didn’t bother with a PowerPC build for OS X; but if you’re familiar enough with programming to build stuff from source it’s not too difficult. Instructions after the jump — I know most of you would rather eat broken glass than read them.

EDIT: I should mention that these build scripts will work on any OS (Linux, SunOS, FreeBSD) that supports Unix style scripting. For all I know, you can use them with Cygwin and X11 on Windows.

On Windows, you can look at the scripts (they’re dirt simple) and use them as a guide to building — you can probably get binary distributions of the libraries, and then use CMake to build the application. Really!

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