May 4th, 2009


Blackdown breaks down the Breakbeat Continuum, fractally

Blackdown breaks down the ‘Nuum’

Several things about this post are kinda crazy. First, there was something like an academic conference about the genres loosely under the breakbeat umbrella, but apparently with as many magazine critics and actual practitioners than academics involved. Second, what is ideally and often in fact music to go out and rave to, has people passionately arguing about it in terms completely removed from the music itself.

I’m not criticizing, I’m just fascinated. There has been the odd dance music panel from time to time — they do that at WMC for example. And I know there are Ethnomusicologists and Communications Theorists who are doing academic work on techno. But this sort of conference/panel/talk what have you seems to be a matter of genres critiquing themselves in real time as they mutate.

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