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May 30th, 2009

Je suis un DJ !?! All Vinyl, The Deadwood 9PM ICare Benefit [May. 30th, 2009|07:44 pm]
Okrzyki, przyjaciel!
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Cant fucking read it when its spinning

Can't fucking read it when it's spinning

I spent a bit of time this morning trying to whip my laptop into shape for a Ableton DJ set, and then I figured ‘fuck it.’ I’m not the best DJ in the world but I have good records. Plus it’s a benefit for the local AIDS hospice, so it’s not a hardcore dance music audience.

So I started going through my record box, and my shelves and I realized that I had absolutely fantastic records, and a lot of fun disco in the original pressings, so screw the computer, this time.

I do feel like I also enjoy the Ableton Live route — I can be more creative with effects and it frees me from the mechanics of beatmatching and cuing. But any time I get to play actual records any more is special!

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