July 10th, 2009


Leaf To Uvula Musk? Lip Pear Pinky Negus!

I was going thru my spam folder looking for false positives, and came on a message that was (of course) a come-on for erectile dysfunction pills, that had one essential difference: Not only was it spam poetry, they actually broke it up into poetry-like lines:

grim whirl yore mesh!
unpin to leaf.
lain view bout emir.
nosey pear lain.
hoar buyer.
tinny elfin erst leaf.
slim lama.
leaf to uvula musk?
to basal loud full.
erst volet.
uhlan regie.
smirk brad kick pinky?
up softy scute lung?
pshaw smirk dine scute.
twain pear fecit.
hoar knee gauss elfin.
march dotty.
bar frizz hoar dour?
lip pear pinky swish!
fetal felly pinky negus!
pear axial mesh slot.
trill toils view emir?
shelf hue tammy.
bar grin gleam.

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Bargain Guitar-to-MIDI converter at Audiomidi…

The Sonuus G2M Converter is, at $99 almost cheap enough for me to impulse-buy. But I’ve played around with guitar-to-midi converters from time to time and I’ve always been disappointed, and besides, after paying bills I’m already broke for July.

This thing is, of course, monophonic, and who knows what it does if you play a chord. That is usually pretty comical, and not musically useful with this sort of device. What I liked is the way the sales copy seeks to turn the drawbacks with audio to MIDI conversion into a virtue:

“For optimal MIDI conversion, your guitar playing needs to be clean and accurate. Accidental notes, resonating open strings and other sounds can often be converted into undesired MIDI notes. Often you don’t hear these when playing guitar yourself, but can detect them easily when listening live to the generated MIDI.

“Striving to improve MIDI note accuracy, encourages clean picking and accurate fingering, with good control over non-sounding strings by damping them.

“Not only will your MIDI output be more accurate, your normal guitar playing will sound clearer and more professional. It’s like having a tutor sitting beside you giving you advice. It’s also great fun!

In other words this thing is no better than any other attempt to extract note & pitch information from audio, and you’ll have to practice to build enough technique for it to be even marginally useful…

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