July 13th, 2009


Nice dubstep mix from Komonazmuk

I get some grief from my techno & house purists friends for liking Dubstep, but I guess I’ll just have to maintain nonetheless. At any rate this mix from Komonazmuk is a case study in what I like about dubstep. Credit where it’s due, I was tipped by Sonic Router. The dominant mode here is jazzy and atmospheric, recalling somewhat the days when LTJ Bukem et al added that feel to drum & bass.

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This mix is mostly ‘dubplates’ — though the absence of any surface noise makes me suspect that this mix was done in Traktor or Ableton Live with digital audio files. There was a day when dubplates meant literally playing lacquers straight from the cutting lathe, but at this late date that would be absurd. Equally absurd is persisting in calling them plates when they’re just ones and zeros.

One real annoyance of dealing with emerging music from the UK is that the tracks circulate among the in-crowd DJs and producers for months before regular folks can buy them. There’s no way aside from schmoozing your way into the inner circles to be on top of the cutting edge. Of course, great music has no ’sell-by’ date, but you know what I mean. Case in point — I’ve been enticed by Blackdown and others to salivate for the Kryptic Mindz dubstep long-player, and Silkie’s debut artist album, but who know how long it will be before they’re actual products I can exchange money for…

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