September 25th, 2009


Is Firewire The New SCSI?

So I tried a little experiment last night.  To try and see if I could get better latency for my firewire audio interface, I downloaded the specific driver for my Firewire PCI card.   In case you haven’t had the ‘pleasure’ of their acquaintance, if you have a TI Chipset firewire card, the drivers are by a company called Unibrain.

Only problem is, the Unibrain drivers don’t fucking work at all. Luckily I thought a head and saved a restore point for my XP installation so I could roll back the driver install.

But this is just crazy. It’s great that XP has working drivers for my card, but how the hell is it that the ‘native’ drivers for TI cards are completely useless?

It is really weird how the whole USB vs Firewire thing has fallen out. Firewire is clearly the superior serial protocol for a lot of things, but for a variety of reasons, it has never caught on the way it should. And TI and Unibrain aren’t doing Firewire any favors.

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