September 26th, 2009


More from The Finger: And Now For Something Completely Awful

The way that Tim Exile’s “The Finger” is capable of completely destroying an audio source is intoxicating. I keep trying to use it ‘reasonably’ and end up doing things like this. Believe it or not, this started out as synth pad, a bassline, and a steady beat.

Then I started resampling the output of those things running through the Finger, then running the resampled audio back through the Finger, with the Finger automated with a lot of random keymashing. Then, while the mixdown was being rendered (in realtime, because there’s a juno 60 playing in there) I started randomizing The Finger’s patch, choosing different snapshots, morphing between snapshots …

I used to wonder how Rich Devine used to come up with some of the messed up sounds he did, and now I know: It’s a matter of Piling Things On Top Of Things.

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