October 13th, 2009


“Iris” — a movie not quite as good as people seemed to think in 2001…

I watched this the other night, and I found it … puzzling? It seems like alternating scenes — old lady losing her mind, kate winslet gets naked, rinse and repeat. Alzheimers, boobs, Alzheimers, boobs… but though I got what they were trying to do, it just seemed really disjointed and sketchy.

In the process, it pretty much tells you nothing at all about Iris Murdoch. And Jim Broadbent won for a grand job done as Iris Murdoch’s husband who nursed her in her latter years, but … he dodders, he stutters. So … he won an Oscar!

I’m sorry, but some movies try too hard to be serious, and forget to be satisfying entertainments. Sometimes even Kate Winslet getting naked isn’t enough.

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